New Office, Board and/or MLS Membership

If you are the broker (Designated REALTOR®) of the office and want to join the Board and/or the MLS, please complete the following steps.  Please keep in mind that all licensees affiliated with the Designated REALTOR® are also required to join (or the DR may elect to be assessed non-member dues from the local, state, and national associations and the MLS).  In order to join only the MLS, the Designated REALTOR® and all affiliated licensees must be members in good standing of another Board/Association in the state of Missouri or a contiguous state.

  1. DR to Complete the New Office Application
  2. If DR is not a member of another Board of REALTORS®, complete an MR Application and an Orientation Agreement
  3. Submit a copy of MREC office license or work permit, and MREC Broker license or work permit for the Designated REALTOR® (DR)
  4. If the DR was, or still is, a member of another Board of REALTORS®, submit a copy of a Letter of Good Standing from that board.
  5. Complete an IDX Agreement
  6. Pay Fees
  7. All licensees affiliated with DR should complete the corresponding Individual Membership application process.