New Office: Board and/or MLS Membership

If you are the broker (Designated REALTOR®) of the office and want to join the Board and/or the MLS, please complete the steps shown below.  In order to join only the MLS, the Designated REALTOR® and all affiliated licensees must be members in good standing of another Board/Association in the state of Missouri or a contiguous state.  All licensees are not required to join this MLS, only those who want access to the MLS and related services.  A Multiple Listing Service Waiver will be required for all affiliated licensees who are NOT joining this MLS before a New Office Membership will be activated.

  1. DR to Complete the New Office Application
  2. If DR is not a member of another Board of REALTORS®, complete a Missouri REALTOR® Application and an Orientation Agreement
  3. Submit a copy of MREC office license or work permit, and MREC Broker license or work permit for the Designated REALTOR® (DR)
  4. If the DR was, or still is, a member of another Board of REALTORS®, submit a copy of a Letter of Good Standing from that board.
  5. Pay Fees
  6. All licensees affiliated with DR who will NOT be joining this MLS should be noted on the Multiple Listing Service Waiver.  All licensees affiliated with DR who WILL be joining this MLS should complete the Individual Subscriber Application and  submit a Letter of Good Standing from his/her Primary Board.

Please return your completed application to or mail to PO Box 507, Sunrise Beach, MO  65079.